We’re nearing the finish line – less than one week left until Small Groups will leave the “pre-reform” pricing and designs of their Medical Plans and begin renewing under the ACA regulated insurance environment.

Here is a brief Background  behind the deadline:

Affordable Care Act (ACA) is bringing inevitable change to the health care system including:

    • New benefit requirements under ACA that cause many of the benefit options available today to be eliminated by 2014.
    • Composite rating will cease to exist. Member-based rating will be required under health care reform, with rate increases a likely consequence for many customers.
    • Restrictions on age rating could result in premium increases for people aged 21-39. In addition to age rating restrictions, ACA also imposes new taxes, fees and required benefits that could result in further premium increases.

To clarify some confusion that ensued after many other White House delays and exemptions in recent news: Small Group employers were not exempted from the ACA mandates taking effect in 2014.


However, many carriers are offering premium savings programs that allow an early renewal at 2013 pricing. The effect is that Small Group employers and their employees will be able to keep their policy through 2014 at 2013 prices, thus delaying the expected premium increases and plan changes under the ACA.

Please take action by October 15, 2013 if you think this program will be beneficial to you!  Ask your agent to discuss whether you will benefit from the option of early renewal designed to keep the health coverage and stable rates you now have – giving you a little more time to map out a course for the future.


Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA) information discussed in communications is most accurate as of this date. The Department of Health & Human Services may amend or change federal regulations at any time.